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Product warranty

The high quality standard of Mapam products allows the company to offer a conventional warranty of two (2) years from the invoice date.

The defect of the product is determined by Mapam Srl in its sole discretion, considering the overall performance of the product; In case the defect is recognized, Mapam Srl will choose at its own discretion whether to repair or replace the defective product with the same product or equivalent, taking into account the technical evolution of the products and their components.
Removal or reinstallation costs or expenses are excluded from warranty service.

Mapam Srl is not liable and therefore will not pay any consequential loss due to a defective product, such as – but not limited to – shipping costs, assembly costs, installation costs, installation costs, on-site and Loss of profit.
The integrity of the paintwork is not guaranteed when the product is used in a salt environment or in the presence of corrosive or incompatible substances.
The warranty is valid if the appliances are stored, installed and maintained according to their technical specifications, reference standards or as indicated on the instruction sheets and catalogs.

The warranty is not foreseen for incorrect use of the products, for normal wear and tear or electrical problems that may compromise the correct working conditions of the products.
The performance and lifetime of the LEDs are not guaranteed if the products are installed in environments with no chemicals that are not compatible with the LEDs (Our technical office is available to check the compatibility of the LEDs we use with respect to the substances present in ‘Environment where the appliances are installed).
Any type of tampering or tampering with the equipment will automatically invalidate the warranty and marking of the product.


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